CTK-Storage. A Ceph cluster with all the extras

Kuko Armas <kuko@canarytek.com>

In this post I will describe CTK-Storage, a repository hosted in OpenSUSE Build Service (OBS) that lets you install a full Ceph cluster, managed with OpenATTIC and with all the gateway services (S3 object, iSCSI and NFS)


We have been playing around a lot with Ceph lately, and we have tested several deployment options (deepsea, ceph-ansible, etc). Among the different options we tested, our choice was to use SUSE Enterprise Storage. It’s easy to install, it has all additional services you may need, and it includes a simple and elegant configuration and monitoring dashboard (openATTIC and Grafana).

The only problem was that even tough you can get a fully functional demo version, we needed the flexibility to use openSUSE, so we could “package” it in a VM image for use in our lab environment.

We found a repository for openSUSE that included Ceph and DeepSea, but it didn’t include the dependencies to install all services. We found all dependencies in different repositories, but since each repo has it’s own rules, the included versions didn’t work well with each other.


To make sure we had a consistent set of packages that could be used to deploy a full storage cluster based on Ceph, we created a repository containing all the packages, and the needed changes to make all of them work with openSUSE Leap 42.3 and the included DeepSea deployment.

The resulting CTK-Storage repository is hosted in OBS. We also created the clab-ceph project to deploy openSUSE Storage in a virtual environment to learn Ceph. It also includes a full Quick Installation Guide for openSUSE-Storage

The Ceph cluster deployed with openSUSE-Storage repository should be quite similar to SUSE Enterprise Storage 5, so you can use SUSE’s excellent documentation to learn how to use it.